Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why struggle?

I read a post at Business Mums Blog that talked about how the running of a business as well as coping with your daily life can get you down.

As a business woman we are all supposed to be tough and invincible, aren't we? At least, that is how we think we should be. Melissa said, "When people ask how you are, you wish you could say “I’m having a really bad day, business really isn’t going as well as you think it is”, but you can’t!"

Her solution was to outsource work. Businesses like Clever Streak are there to provide you with an escape route. Clever Streak will do your blogging, twittering or writing for you for as long as you need it. We specialise in working with small and home based businesses.

If you need ongoing support across a range of areas then have a look for a Virtual Assistant.

The cost of these services is usually very reasonable and it frees your time so you can work on something specific or finally allow yourself a few hours off.

Business women aren't really tough and invincible. They are clever at utilising their time and resources to meet specific outcomes. Don't punish yourself by trying to do it all alone.