Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Please Vote for Cherry Mag

Recently our blogs went through a nomination process for the BMN Blog awards. Sadly Tall Poppy did not survive that process but our sister blog did.

We would love it if you could vote for Cherry Mag, please. Cherry Mag is a lifestyle mag for women. It has articles that you actually want to read. They give real information on health, work, life and beauty as well as much more. Ever month we feature an interview with an inspiring woman, which is a fascinating and encouraging read. The mag is also full of humour and irreverence! Check out these articles and you will see what I mean:

We have some great writers, including Suzie Cheel (Abundance Highway) Amanda Cox (Real Mums Wine Club) Carmel McCartin, (Budget Bitch) and Sarah Willcocks (Style Melbourne)
We would love to see Cherry win a BMN award as a thank you to our wonderful writers.
Please click on the image above and vote for Cherry Mag.