Saturday, August 15, 2009

Writing a Press Release

For many of us in business the idea of writing our own press releases seems like a daunting task. We can be so close to our businesses that it is hard to step back and look at it from an outside perspective. We need to be able to do that so that we can see what angle is going to bring most attention and then capture it in a press release.

So how could we go about it?

Impress the Press is an ebook that will help you to write your release. "Following our step by step, easy to understand e-book, will equip you with the necessary skills to write your own Press Releases to make sure your business stands out to media professionals." It is only $19.97AUD and is much cheaper than paying someone else to write the release for you. Even if you still decide to have a writer prepare your release Impress the Press will have shown you what your release should contain.

So what do you do with the release once it is written? You can go somewhere like Get the Word Out which is a paid online distribution service or you can use free online press release sites. Check out the list of free press release distribution sites at SM2. Of course, the best way is to use your contacts in the media so that you get your foot in the door straight away.

Not all of us have contacts. Some of us just have to do it ourselves. While reading Your Cheeky Monkey blog I found that Monique had just written her first press release and submitted it to PR Log. Monique is a great example of someone who is pro-active in getting her business noticed. She worked on her release, found an angle that distinguished her business from others and then published it at the PR site for journalists to find.

Why not have a go yourself? Use Impress the Press as your guide and see what you can produce.