Friday, August 21, 2009

New Careers - Kathie Thomas

Cherry Mag has a great article in the current edition. It is all about Kathie Thomas.

If you don't know who Kathie is then you should go and look her up. She is an inspirational woman who has managed to cram much more than the average person into her life so far. Kathie was the founder of the Australian Virtual Assistant business. She pioneered the industry and made it what it is today. There are many people working from home who will be thanking her for opening up this way of life.

You would think that after having been so successful in one area you could afford to sit back and relax. No, not Kathie. She is also an author and now a published photographer.

She is an amazing success but she is also a warm, helpful and interesting woman.

Go and read about her in Cherry Mag and have a look at her stunning photography.