Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Chill Out with the Family.

I wrote this article for last month's YOU magazine. After a cold, grey weekend full of kids and visitors it seemed appropriate to revisit it. Don't just shiver through winter. Let it be a season that brings you closer together with your special people.

Winter has raced in and flung herself all over us. Skies are grey and the winds are cold. It is a great time to stay inside and spend some time together as a family.

There is nothing better than lazing around feeling warm and cosy while the world through your window looks damp and miserable. It is even better when the whole family is lounging around together, isn’t it?

We are always so busy that there rarely seems to be time that you can spend together as a family. How long is it since you all sat at the meal table together and talked about your day? As the kids get older it is harder to get them together at the same time because their social lives start to interrupt. Now that winter is here why not use it as tool for getting everyone together?

Don’t only think in terms of sitting around and talking. I think any time spent together is good because it all adds to the common bond you have as a family. Why not sit in front of the open fire and listen to music? You could have a movie night at home. Sit in the dark with your popcorn and lollies just as you would have done in the cinema. Pick a family friendly film and curl up. Another idea is to have a cooking challenge where you team up to create a meal for the family. It is great for getting the kids involved in the cooking. They aren’t going to miss the judging either, so it guarantees that you eat together.

Yes, winter can be a long, cold season so warm it up by strengthening your family relationships. In years to come you will hear your children telling their children tales of the things you did together. What a lovely tradition to pass on.