Monday, July 13, 2009

Themes in blogs

One of the best ways to prevent bloggers block is to have a theme that recurs throughout your blog. It can help to keep you focused and it also gives consistent content to your readers.

EP Designs is an example of a site that does this well. Elena has introduced Pink Saturday. On Saturdays she introduces readers to some of her stunning creations and it is tied together around the colour pink.

Not only are we able to watch some of her creations with their before and after images, we are tempted to buy her pretty items.

Another site that has adopted the themed approach is the Business Mums Blog. Melissa has introduced Marketing Monday and Friday Five. The Friday Five is a series of reports that Melissa produces on various topics and each is prived at $5.00. Marketing Monday tackles the huge topic of marketing your business. Each blog post has some great suggestions for small businesses such as what not to do with your email newsletters!

If you have a blog and find that you sometimes have a mental block why not se yourself a theme to write to on one day of the week? If you select it carefully you will be able to present great content and promote your business at the same time.