Friday, June 05, 2009

Swine Flu - A beat up?

Every day no matter where I go there is someone whining about Swine Flu. You would think the state is riddled with it but I have yet to see anyone fall ill. OK, there are known cases around, but the strain we have in Australia is very mild. Seriously, why worry about swine flu when there are a dozen other strains of flu our there in the community anyway.

We are in a healthy country with a healthy environment and decent medical care. We are not stuck in a povery-stricken world of shacks and shanties where disease runs wild. Our people are not so run-down that a mere cold will kill them.

So why the drama all over the TV and newspapers? I am so over it all!

I saw this image over at Konstant Kaos and it tickled my funny bone. Swine Flu hits Hundred Acre Wood!

I call our behaviour discrimination against Piglets everywhere.

Get up and get on with things!