Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some people are organised......

....and some aren't! (I blush in shame).

One of the talents or skills that I have often wished for is organisation. Somehow, while I have all the best intentions, it just doesn't happen.

Funnily enough, I love new diaries and notebooks. There is something pristing about them and I know that in a few months time they will have my life all over them. That just doesn't transfer itself to systems, though. I have none.

I was reading Kylie's blog at Tilda Virtual Services and it made me stop and look at how I am working. Now, she is going in waaaay over my head and assessing ALL her systems. Me? I am yet to create one! Still, I followed the link she gave to Lovely Charts and found a great resource for creating charts of all sorts. You could create a whole flowchart or Org. Chart using their templates.

Lovely Charts will be very useful to those of you who need to be organised and love to map it all out. Me? I would lose the chart! I know that some of you reading this post will be thrilled by this discovery and race off to use them. I will be with the group that stands back and admires what you do.