Saturday, June 20, 2009

Create your own fabric

I always knew that Monique from Your Cheeky Monkey was a clever person but she has gone one step further, now. She has had her very own fabric created. What a great idea!
This is it. The fabric was printed with the Your Cheeky Monkey logo by a company in the US.
Now I want to see what she does with it. I know she will have a great idea in that brain of hers.
Your Cheeky Monkey is one of my favourite online stores. I am only sad that my kids are too old for her products. Having said that, I blush to admit that I have one of the YCM handknitted finger puppets that sits here on my desk with me. It keeps my pen warm and I have been known to play with it while I am thinking.
Check in with Your Cheeky Monkey in a few weeks time to see what has been done with this printed fabric.