Monday, February 23, 2009

Want to start out in import?

The world is a large place, isn't it? I guess that explains why so many of the good things I want are to be found overseas. Not that I am greedy or anything, but I want them all here. With me. In Australia.

It was this need (greed?) that pushed me into importing. Luckily I fell on my feet and found a great supplier. I have since heard so many horror stories that I don't think I would ever again go blindly hunting for suppliers on the internet. I was like a babe in the importing woods and by sheer fluke I avoided the big bad wolf.

Recently I have found Jackie at Jolt Consulting. She is an import consultant who specialises in working with women in small to medium businesses. She knows her stuff inside out! Jackie can help you with:

Researching pricing, factories, shippers and more

Sample development and packaging and branding

Quality control, factory audits, supplier credit checks

Logistics – shipping, customs clearance, couriers,

She has a great guide which is available at her site. It is called The Quick Start Guide to Success and it helps lead you through the whole process of having your goods designed and manufactured overseas. There is great advice for each step of the way.

If you are thinking about importing goods for profit you need to drop in at Jolt Consulting before you do anything else. It will save you money and heartache, and help you avoid the big bad wolf too.