Sunday, February 22, 2009

Business Vision

I know that many people have a great deal of difficulty in creating a business plan. If they ever get one done it is for the bank, then it is thrown into a drawer somewhere and never looked at again.

Why not create a business plan that will inspire you and remind you of where you are going? Purists will hate this because it isn't really a plan at all, but for those amongst us who are strongly visual this will be perfect. It will be enough of a plan for many people.

It is called a Business Vision board and it is explained very well at Assential Scrapbooking where Jenny is putting it to the test.

"At the beginning of the year I mentioned that Nicole, my business coach had me ‘visioning’ my future, now she has me scrapbooking what my business will look and feel like in the future. She calls this my ‘Business Vision Board’ and has asked me to put my words into images. Instead of using photos, Nicole suggests using a combination of photos, images from magazine and inspring words that can be created using stamps, printed or cut out from a magazine.

The aim of the vision board is to help me not only envision my future, but feel it as well."

Why not collect some images that mean something to you in terms of your business success and make your own? Keep it on the wall where you can see it as you start your day. See if it energises you and keeps you on track. I certainly intend to try it.