Friday, January 23, 2009

Success is in the company you keep

My mother always told me that we would be known by the company we keep. Associate with rabble and people would think we were rabble too. As I grew up I came to understand what she meant.

I have just finished reading a post by Ingrid Cliff over at Heart Harmony (Small Business Tips) where she talks about the same thing.

She says "The 3 January 2009 New Scientist reports on some fascinating studies that your behaviour is influenced by your friends (and the friends of those friends) more powerfully than you think. Nicolas Christakis from Harvard Medical School in Boston is one of the pioneers of the research"

It is interesting to look at your life and find what you like and don't like about it. Then look at the lives of the people you associate with and you will find remarkably similar situations. Why do we choose to be with these people? Is it a comfort issue? Staying on familiar territory?

Why not branch out a little? Find people who are doing things that you would like to do, whose attitude to life as you want yours to be, whose enthusiasm is contagious. Try spending time in their company and see how your life changes.

From a business point of view why not move from your little circle of similar businesses and poke your nose into a group that flies higher? If the theory is right your business should move up a notch too.

Ingrid's post is very thought provoking and well worth a read. Don't miss it.