Friday, December 19, 2008

Tales of Female Entrepeneurs

Sprout Publishing has released the first edition of “Tales and Secrets from Female Entrepeneurs”. This is a great read, particularly if you are thinking of starting your own business. There is so much in it that it would have been good to know before we began!

You will find chapters about Anne Maybus of Beauty Banquet (yes, that is me!) and Kathie Holmes of My New Shiny Shoes It is a really exciting thing to see a chapter all about yourself in a real book. I never thought it would happen to me!

The book has stories from Poppy King, Sandy Forster, Rhonda Britten and more. These are the women who have established themselves as real entrepeneurs in the business world. It is fascinating to read what they have learnt.

Check it out now at Sprout Publishing.