Saturday, November 01, 2008

Review- Spring Style Hunt

I was recently asked to do an overview of the Spring Style Hunt run by Beauty Banquet covering how we ran it and why we had the events that we did. Here is the summary of the process that we went through.

The Spring Style Hunt


To create an event that will lead people through as many of our sites as possible and give us the greatest possible opportunity to make a sale or gain a sign-up.


Stage a series of events that will keep our businesses under the noses of new visitors for a whole week.

1. The Hunt. This event is a traditional scavenger hunt where people follow a trail of clues left out for them. Sponsors were encouraged to place the clue on a page that they wanted to promote so that hunters would have to go there. We want to guarantee as much as possible that the sponsors special promotion or signup page was noticed by Hunters.

There are prizes allocated to the first three placegetters and for a few random winners. This is to give everyone a chance to win something and increase the incentive for participation.

2. Dress the Stewette: This is a fun event, again with the chance to win prizes. The idea is that we provide a light-hearted experience that hunters enjoy so they talk about it. This also gives sponsors a day off while we sort out winners. It is something that is a little unusual so it should be noticed. There are lots of prizes again, and each entry earns points which add towards their overall Hunt tally. It is an easy and fun way for hunters to build their points up. Skill is no issue as they can dress and present her any way they choose to.

3. Day of Deals: This is a big shopping event where shoppers earn points when they buy from us. Sponsors are encouraged to offer a great deal of some sort so that they can pick up passing purchases. The point allocation is designed to encourage hunters to buy but sales will be dependant on how good the offer is!

4. Sponsors Hurdle Race: The judging of this event is in the hands of the hunters. It gives them some power in the process and again they earn points for being judges.
The key to this race is that sponsors have to create a fun advertisement for the hunters to view. This is a way of forcing hunters to pay attention to the advertising of each site so that they get the message. It is giving sponsors a guaranteed audience for their promotions. Not only that, it will give the hunters a promotional tool that they can use on their sites, blogs, facebook etc. Each hunter earns points for ranking the ads and double points if they view the lot.

5. Winners! Lots of prizes spread about should give the Hunt a good name. The word will spread and we should have an even greater number of hunters next year. Not only that, but the prizes are a way for winners to sample products that they may not have tried otherwise.


We had over 250 registered Hunters.

The Hunt went smoothly with active participation from a core group of hunters. Even more completed the hunt including a couple of late entrants who hunted on day 2.

The Fashions on the Field (Stewette) brought in a lot of entries and they were very original and varied. It was a favourite event amongst the hunters.

Day of Deals went well, with some stores reporting sales. Not all stores put up their special offers but those that did had put a lot of thought into what offer they could create. There were some wonderful bargains to be had.

The Hurdle race went surprisingly well. Again, not all sponsors joined in but those that did put together some wonderful entries. Most of us had not used any of the systems before so we were total novices but it was great fun to create. The hunters actually enjoyed watching and ranking our creations, so it wasn’t a hardship for them to sit through them all. As a bonus we now have new ads we can place to promote ourselves and we know they are suitable.

Prizes were distributed across all active hunters and, of course, to event winners.


Of the Hurdle race entries we were told ”They were all very creative especially considering how busy you must all be." and "Wow what some great ads!" You can be proud of yourselves for your hard work.

Other comments:

"You have all done an absolute fantastic job. Both with the videos and most of all the Hunt itself! Well Done!!! I have enjoyed myself thoroughly, so thankyou."

"Thank you! Its been a fun few days (even with sick children)... only a bit disappointed, I would have liked to spend more money yesterday!!"

"I'm having quite a lot of fun doing this Competition so far. Very enjoyable. Thankyou"

Of the Stewettes....

"I had to do another one ……it is soooo much fun "
"thanks for having this competition it has provided hours of fun!!"