Sunday, November 02, 2008

Living a Real Life

Welcome to the November 2, 2008 edition of living a real life.

The focus of this edition is on building your self esteem. I ahve selected those articles which are closest to the set topic. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Mac presents 10 Quick Tips To Boost Confidence posted at Actorlicious.

Erin Pavlina presents How do you recover after an emotional setback? posted at Erin Pavlina's Blog, saying, "How do you raise your energy when you’ve been stepped on and emotionally trounced by another person, and your self esteem is so low that you can’t even imagine ever being happy again?"

AndrewB presents From Lame To Fame - 5 Steps posted at Personal Hack, saying, "How to really become successful in every area of your life."

axel presents Motivation And Success posted at axel g.

omguy presents Its Not About You. . . posted at Ordinary Miracles, saying, "Its not about you. Its not about your own personal fulfillment, your goals or your achievements."

AndrewB presents 10 Tips to Become Inspired posted at Personal Hack, saying, "Does everything feel like a struggle? Why not use inspiration to create energy that propels you up and over life’s inevitable speed bumps?"

Joseph presents How To Attain Success posted at Self Help and Personal Development.

Stephen presents How to Boost Your Self-Confidence - Balanced Existence posted at Balanced Existence, saying, "I am a strong believer that we are each masters of our own world. Even those who don’t think they are have a deeply causal impact upon their own world. Many such people have a victim mentality. They feel life is doing them and so life does them. Their mentality is that of a victim and so they become victims and are victimized. How could it be otherwise? This points to a very important conclusion about life – Your life is what your thoughts make it!"

Daylle Deanna Schwartz presents Law of Attraction in Action: Respect posted at Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat, saying, "If you want respect, work with the Law of Attraction to bring it to you by showing with actions that you won’t accept any less, and focus on respecting yourself."

myln presents Improve your low self esteem posted at, saying, "People with low self esteem are unhappy, miserable and they are always full of negative feelings. To improve your self-esteem you have to focus on your own unique abilities and characteristics and also on things that you like. It is not an easy thing to do but low self esteem can be improved and raised to a high level."

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