Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Tall Poppy Called Jenny

As you know, being a Tall Poppy does not mean you have to be a celebrity or movie star. A Tall Poppy is a person who goes the extra mile and someone that we come to admire.

One such person is Jenny Kohen. Jenny owns ID Your Child, which is an online store committed to helping parents keep their children safe. The store carries a great range of ID cards and wristbands for children including sport and medical ID bands.

Now Jenny is going that extra mile and has entered the Sun-Herald City to Surf Charity Challenge on August 10th. Her charity is the Starlight Foundation which helps to brighten the lives of sick children and their families.

"Each year there are over 600,000 child admissions made to hospitals across Australia. Today, Starlight can only reach ‘1 in 3’ of these children. Our ultimate goal is to enable each and every child to have access to Starlight programs." (from Jenny's Hero Page)

I would like to ask you all to support Jenny in her fundraising efforts. She is doing it for the best of causes - the healthy and safe future of our children. Please donate what you can spare.

While you are at it, spare some time to admire this real Tall Poppy, Jenny Kohen.

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