Saturday, June 07, 2008


Shame is a powerful word and a powerful emotion. It is not one that I often feel. Today, though I am ashamed of my country and the decisions that beaurocrats can make.

Recently we have spent around half a million dollars in bringing home one of our top criminals from overseas to face justice here in our courts. It was a nice little flight on a private jet with a sneaky landing to keep him safe. He is now in jail and awaiting his day in court where he will be sentenced to many more years in jail. This lucky country and its lucky people get to support him for the rest of his term. What a great contribution to society this episode is.

Why, then, do we turn away a hard working Canadian who applies to reside in this country with his Australian partner and their child? He has plenty of skills to offer us. He is an experienced teacher of the English language to non-English speakers. Isn't this an area where we need more tutors? He is also skilled with graphics and the guitar. Both of these areas have employment opportunities. He is 51. Is his age against him? He is well able to support himself. His partner has full time employment. In addition to this they run a successful and developing online business.

What is the result of the Immigration decision? It deprives partners of each other and leaves a little child without her father. In the longer term it may lead to this country losing one if its few successful female entrepeneurs and her business.

Australian politicians are vocal in their support of the famiily unit and of small business. Why isn't this support followed through here?

The ultimate cost to this country of this one decision seems to be far more than I am prepared to pay.

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