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Carnival - Living a Real Life

Welcome to the June 3, 2008 edition of living a real life.

We had just on 100 submissions for this carnival and it has been a very difficult job selecting the articles which you see here. Many excellent articles were not included simply for space reasons, and I apologise to those that aren't shown here. Thank you to everyone who submitted their articles.

We have tried to include a cross-section of all the article themes that were presented, so let's start reading.

Scott.Goolsby presents Limiting Beliefs Are So Last Year! posted at Unapologetic Genius, saying, "Overcoming limiting beliefs."

Jirel presents From today I will posted at Positive and Successful Life Style tips.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents What Will I Be When I Grow Up? posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Scott.Goolsby presents Nature and Spirit posted at Unapologetic Genius, saying, "Connecting with nature to find Self."

Nadege presents Affirmations-Are you motivating or lying to yourself? posted at Clearly Envision.

Lovelyn presents Doing One Thing at a Time posted at The Art of Balanced Living.

EnduranceNinja presents I am addicted to goal setting and self improvement. posted at E-Ninja Training Systems.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Email Hell posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Ari Koinuma presents Realizing Your Potential in a Society Not Built for It posted at Ari Koinuma, saying, "Here's a thought piece on why becoming who you are meant to be is challenging in the current societal climate. I hope you enjoy it! -Ari"

New Life

David B. Bohl presents Who Are You? 4 Steps For Getting Back to Your Individuality posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, "Our lives are defined by our choices. But often, the choices we make don’t appear at the time to be the important crossroads that they later turn out to have been."

Avani presents Better Sorry Than Safe posted at Food For Mind.

Gary Evans presents Visualizing For Manifestation Yields NO Results! posted at Good To Feel Good.

Frederic Premji presents How To Do Anything Properly posted at, saying, "Great article that discusses how you should approach anything that you do."

Chris Edgar presents Do You Need To "Justify" Your Choices In Life? posted at Purpose Power Coaching, saying, "Often we feel the need, particularly when we are making a career transition, to "justify" the choices we make to others, or to defend them against others' criticism. In this article, I discuss ways to overcome that need and make the choices, both in your career and other areas of your life, that you feel are right for you."

George L Smyth presents One Minute How-To - How To Save The World, One Person At A Time posted at George L Smyth, saying, "George L Smyth explains how you can loan small amounts of money directly to the people who need it the most."

Alex Blackwell presents 23 Heartfelt Reasons I Will Always be Faithful to My Wife posted at The Next 45 Years.

Doreen Orion presents Don't Put Off Your Dreams posted at What Do You Want From Me? by Doreen Orion, saying, "Two psychiatrists "chuck it all" to travel the country in a converted bus."

Glowing Face Man presents The Joys of Change posted at Glowing Face Man: Awaken the Badass Within, saying, "The hardest thing about starting over is the overwhelming change. Change is one of the deepest, most common fears in our society. Read about embracing and welcoming change into your life."

Matthew presents What?s In It for Me? posted at Conservatives and Normals . Com - The Blog, saying, "Why I'm finished being selfish."

Trying Again

Erek Ostrowski presents Manifesting a Job You Actually Want (Step Two) posted at Verve Coaching, saying, "The second step in manifesting a job you actually want is to create a conversation “for” what you want in a job."

Donovan Snelleman presents Defeating Procrastination posted at, saying, "A Great way to start a new life is to shed your procrastinating ways!"

Astrid Lee presents How To Be The Best You posted at World Healing, saying, "series of excellent videos by world-inspirational teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer. He teaches us to shift our focus from ‘what lacks in your life’ to ‘how can I grow’? He addresses perceptions that limit your success, and helps us all in creating our own wonderful reality, choosing your own greatness."

Where to now?

Matthew Spears presents The flame of blame posted at Loving Awareness, saying, "By assigning responsibility to anyone or anything for a given result, you are assigning blame. It is the need to look for a cause for an experience that is the major factor in blame. So if you want to let go of the blaming process, you must let go of a need to assign responsibility."

Dr Martin W. Russell presents “I Can Make You Thin” by Paul McKenna - A Review posted at Dr Martin W. Russell.

David B. Bohl presents Walking With Persephone posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, "Life is very much like the cycles of Persephone’s life. We experience periods of great joy and fulfillment, only to suffer a loss and be cast into the depths of hell."

TheLifeLessTraveled presents Couple Quit Jobs, Sold Possessions To Bicycle Around The World For A Year…Find Adventure And Freedom posted at The Life Less Traveled, saying, "In 2006 James and Sarah Welle sold all of their possessions and left their comfortable jobs at Microsoft to bicycle around the world. During their year-long adventure, the pair encountered interesting people, delicious food, new found athletic prowess and the realization of how close at hand freedom and the choice to shake up your daily life truly are. Read about how they decided to bicycle around the world for a year…and how you can, too!"

Gerry Cueto presents Breaking Down Your Goals posted at Finding a Meaningful Career.

Arun presents Being a Leader posted at Arun is Bringing You...Your Daily Remedy, saying, "Becoming a leader is a huge step towards becoming successful, and leading yourself to happiness!"

David Godot presents Hermann Rorschach & The Amazing Technicolor Inkblot posted at Way To Go, Godot!, saying, "This article describes a method for understanding the unconscious bases of your own perception, and using the insights gained to live a more authentic life."

James D. Brausch presents Someone Else Who Cried posted at Internet Business Blog.

Semi-Charmed Wife presents Accidentally On Purpose posted at Semi-Charmed Wife.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of living a real life using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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