Monday, June 30, 2008

The Beauty of a Womans Boudoir

What is a Boudoir and what do you mean by beauty?

A boudoir is a place where traditionally woman prepared, met with intimate (not necessarily as in adult friend) but became the person she was out and about.

A boudoir was a lot more than just a bedroom. It was quiet when necessary and busy when it was wanted. It was a person where a woman could be just that. A woman. She could consider clothing, make choices and most of all feel cosseted and sensual.

Today we have bedrooms. The word just does not have the same feel. The romantic feeling is not the same either. But every woman can enjoy the magic of the boudoir. The mystique of the boudoir.

Okay I want it…. but how do I get it?

The boudoir is not just the look – it is the feel. Go on. Walk into your bedroom and think about what you see. A bed (centre stage probably too). A dresser or chest of drawers. One or two bedside tables. All fairly standard stuff…am I right? Okay. Consider what you have. It is not necessary for you to do more than change the style to get that look usually. Try and work with what you already have. That way, when you can afford what you want, with careful planning you can get what you want when you can afford it.

I don’t have lots of money…and the look is so expensive.

Well, yes and no. It is simple to achieve that look with lots and lots of money. That is why people with lots and lots of money pay designers to get that look for them. But you don’t need to do that to get the look. Here are a few things you can do to get started.

1. Freshen your Manchester. Really nice and good quality Manchester might set you back anything from $100 - $150 if you shop right. Check out the specials online. Have you looked at Oztion? What about the sales? End of Financial Year is looming and lots of businesses are clearing away old stock. Try basic colours rather than designs. That way it not only lasts longer it doesn’t date at the end of season. Choose a theme colour Blue, Red, White, Cream – pick one that you like. Get a nice coverlet or comforter set. In summer just dispense with the blankets. In winter you don’t lose the look with bulky blankets.

2. Is your curtains dated/old/faded/just plain yucky? Try purchasing calico. They match just about anything especially if you don’t have a print on your Manchester. Get twice the width you usually need. They are cheaper and you can dye them if you are handy or if you have a nice cream theme going leave them as they are. The added width suggests luxury. Tie them back with tassel or cord. Look online for plain curtains secondhand in good condition. I bought some recently for $20 that cost over $90 originally. They had only been used for 3 months.

3. Clear the clutter from your dresser/bedside table etc. Nothing says comfort like a clear area. If you can’t afford somewhere to put them, find a space in your wardrobe, perfume in the fridge and makeup as well. They will last longer there anyway.

4. Buy yourself either a good hydrosol or aromatherapy fragrance. If you purchase an electric infuser and good quality infuser oil use it. Regularly. We rarely use our senses fully in the boudoir. Either that or look around for your favourite perfume. Rather than just spraying it on you, spray it into the air and walk through it. Not only do you smell great but also so does your boudoir.

So, now you have started.

Here are 5 free ideas:

1.Go to the library – find 10 mins weekly. Read magazines such as Country Life etc., there you will get ideas. All achievable. All easy to get with a few carefully placed items. An old chintzy chair, a dressing screen, new lampshades…

2. Look on the internet for ideas and inspiration

3. Write down what colours you think would work. Go to your local hardware store and pick up the free paint chips that appeal.

4.Go to somewhere with fabrics like Spotlight, take your colour chips with you and work out fabrics you like, that work with the colours you have the paint chips in. If possible get samples.

5.Sit in the room, sketch a layout that you can work with. Show the placement of windows, doors and any items that cannot be moved such as built in wardrobes. Draw in the items you have, put your chips and fabric samples next to them. Try looking at them at morning, noon, afternoon and night.

So there you have ideas to start with. Put together a budget and stick to it. Allow 5 – 10% over what you guess – that way if you need it the money is there – and if you don’t great

But always remember, the boudoir should be an extension of you. Who you are and what you are.

Happy Hunting!

By Boudoir Bazaar

Article Source: The RepOZitory - FREE reprint articles from Australia for WAHMs and Business Mums
(photo by Jessica Torre)

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