Sunday, May 04, 2008

Viral Marketing - what is it?

The Small Business Diva blog, which is full of useful business tips and information, sometimes uses clips from YouTube to illustrate her point. This has the added advantage of sharing the message in a form other than just words.

I have been hearing a lot about viral marketing lately so I thought that I would check out YouTube for some clips of wisdom.

I came across this little clip called "How to Sell Soap" which is a really simple illustration of what viral marketing is all about and how it works. It is well worth a look.

For the small business viral marketing makes total sense. Now your challenge is to take viral marketing and make it work for your own businesses.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Anne. I'm a huge advocate of viral marketing too.

I love that video clip - it's to the point and gets the message across fairly quickly :)

kat therapy said...

I live in a small town and have a small business doing physiotherapy and pilates. "Viral marketing" is probably the mainstay in keeping alive, although I didn't know it was called that until now. Even newspaper ads that I've placed tend to be further spread by word of mouth - "I see Kath's doing such and such...."

Jennifer Robin said...

Well done video, but it made me laugh a little bit. It seems "viral marketing" is a new tech term for good old fashioned word of mouth! Obviously, word of mouth is spread a little differently these days, but it just goes to show that the old adage "everything old is new again" still holds true.

Anne said...

I thought the clip was quite amusing. I love the way that modern terminology makes everything sound so much more 'professional'.

Michelle said...

Very amusing - sites like YouTube are making things so much more accessible these days.

Ingrid said...

Brilliant video. It's great the company is actually advertising their own service on You Tube and yet the ad would have cost very little to produce. Viva You Tube for small business marketing!