Friday, March 07, 2008

The Photo Shoot.

Have you ever wondered what goes on at a photo shoot for a fashion magazine?

Wonder no more! Here is a short clip showing the process that "My Wardrobe" magazine went through on their recent shoot.


Robeccer McLean said...

I know its crazy hey! We did this recently where we had a model for 8 hours in full 35 degree sun in a massive wedding dress, walking through fields with prickles and cow manure.. lying in a dirty lake covered in mud and also in a very stinky alley way. All for the sake of art lol! She was amazing.. kept up her smile and professional attitude the whole day... I don't think I could have been as accommodating lol!
There job is not a glamorous as seems some times.

Anne said...

I think models are worth every cent they get paid. I can't see the glamour because it is hidden byt the hard work!

Kelly said...

We're just about to shoot our winter range at the end of the month. It gives me an insight as to what we're in for!