Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chip In and Help.

We put a lot of emphasis on physical exercise and healthy lifestyles for children these days, don't we? Move them all away from the Playstations and TV's and let them run and frolic in the fresh air. I love to see my children playing sport and especially learning to be a member of a team. School camps are one of the best ways to promote this.

The district of Northampton in Western Australia and is one of our farming communities that are struggling to survive due to severe drought conditions. The Year 6/7 kids of Northampton District High School are going on camp in August 2008 at a cost of $375 per child. There are many families who will find that amount of money to be unmanageable.

Being a small farming community, the people are already actively fundraising, but you can only raise so much from an area of limited population, and where everyone is hurting financially.
Fix My Business has started a Chip In campaign to help the children get to their camp.

If you can spare a couple of dollars, please consider donating it to the chip-in and help these kids get to their school camp.


Lightening said...

That seems awfully expensive for a school camp. My DS has his first camp coming up next term - I sure hope it doesn't cost that much. :(

Anne said...

I guess that depends on where they are going. My daughter is in Grade 6 this year and her camp will be $275. It only takes a dozen or so kids at that price and it is easy to see where the $3000 target comes from.