Monday, February 18, 2008

Where am I going?

The start of the new year set me thinking about my goals, what they are and how to achieve them. Around the blogosphere there have been many posts on the same issue. The brand new year with its sparkling empty pages is an invitation to us to reshape our worlds. We are now into February so it is time to review those goals and see how we are travelling. If you have not yet set the goals for your year then it is time to do so!

Goal setting is a skill. It is not easy to do but we can learn how to do it by persisting at it. No one else can set goals for you because only you can see where you want to go. No one else is looking into the future through your eyes.

Donna-Marie at the Small Business Diva talks about Big Hairy Audacious goals and that is what we should be setting. A goal by definition is something that is out of our reach at the moment, so why start with a Little Hairless Sooky goal?

Have a look at this short clip from Warren Greshes called "Goal Setting Techniques that Work." He also rejects the idea of 'realistic' goals for a very good reason.

Sometimes your goals can seem to be so big and far away that they feel as though they are impossible to achieve. We just don't seem to leave enough time in the day to think about or work towards those goals. As the Small Business Diva says:

"..if you commit to focusing just 15 minutes each day on your ‘big hairy audacious goal’, you’ll be amazed at how soon that time, and those small achievements, will add up."

So set your goals high, and work consistently towards them. Don't give up. As Warren Greshes says, everytime you start again you give yourself the opportunity to succeed. Don't you deserve that?

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Michelle said...

Big hairy audacious goals - well if you are going to have goals - they might as well be big and hairy!!