Monday, February 11, 2008

Modern Goddesses Tour The World

Hong Kong – 8 February 2008 – Tara Spicer and Nicole Graham, co-authors of the very first “Journal for the Modern Goddess” are organizing their own virtual book tour from the comfort of their homes – bed hair, jammies and all.

As first time authors but long time modern goddesses, they will be “appearing” at a variety of blogs and websites sharing their tips and tricks for being a modern goddess and the power of journaling. Along with insightful interviews, you can watch affirmation videos and read more journaling techniques, the benefits of meditation, and working with affirmations.

They kick start their tour in the USA on Monday, 11th February and will end it in Australia on the 19th March. In between they will visit people in South Africa, the UK, Hong Kong, the USA and Australia.

“Part of our Modern Goddess motto is to give back where and when we can. To honour our motto, we are using 10% of our journal sales during the tour to sponsor a woman entrepreneur through” says Ms Graham.

As they travel the world three times over, they will be stopping by the following sites:-

“Our readers do not miss out” says Ms Graham, “we have created a competition in which they can win a Meditation Kit consisting of a How to Guide to Meditation, a pack of Incense Sticks, Gratitude Beads, 5 Goddess Affirmation Cards and an Amethyst Gemstone, the stone of meditation. They can visit our site to enter.”

To read more about Ms Graham and Ms Spicer’s virtual book tour, visit their virtual book tour blog

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