Sunday, February 03, 2008

Making the most of your memorable marketing.

There are some ads that really stick in my memory. Some are funny, some are totally stupid and some are just plain clever. One ad that I always laughed at was for Rolo. Do you remember that series of ads about 'your last Rolo'? "Do you love her enough to give her the last Rolo?" I don't know why I remember it. It was funny, but in a silly way, and didn't take itself too seriously. It might have helped that I really love Rolo's and I am not totally sure that I love anyone enough to give away the last one I had.

Why let a good campaign like that just die off? Why not use it again but put a whole new slant on it? Perhaps even a different product?

Someone has been a clever bunny and produced a sterling silver version in time for Valentine's Day. I spotted this at Popgadget and it is available from the UK store Prezzybox. Isn't that a clever way to use your existing marketing theme in a new way?

While I was at that store I saw this little token also made of sterling silver. Do you remember the little candy love hearts that we used to have as children? They are not so common now, but I am sure that we can all remember being given one of these lollies with a special message on it. Here, in the same way as the Rolo campaign, is a way of making a unique and memorable product into a modern version of the same thing. Again it is totally unique.

As a business owner I wonder how many opportunities I have let slip through my fingers because I couldn't see the product in a different format? While these items are beautiful gifts in their own right I am much more interested in the lesson that I have learnt since discovering them. Maybe it is time for us all to revisit our stock and look at it in a whole new light. I wonder what we can come up with? I can a see, too, that future marketing campaigns could have far more scope than I ever realised that they could.

Now to come up with a memorable campaign.................

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gift ideas said...

i have never forget the the series of new advertisement of rolo. They are quite funny.