Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where is she?

Today I am sad. I have been searching for my blog friend and I can't find her anywhere.

This lady is a brilliant writer and I met her online by stumbling across her blog. I read it regularly and she took me everywhere with her as she wrote. Some people just have a way with words and she is one of them.

In late November my website dropped offline when a server crashed somewhere on the other side of the world. I spent all month and just into the new year working on getting a new site up and running.

I took my eye off her blog, Kissing the Dogwood.

Now it is gone.

No one seems to know where she is or if she is ok. It worries me. Her last entry was not a happy one.

The hardest part about metting people 'virtually' is that when they leave they are really gone. Not just heading home, or off to the shop, or at the end of the phone call. Gone.

Walksfarwoman, where are you?


Bernadette said...

try using google reader to keep track of your blogs. I do this and it saves me loads of time trying to locate blogs that I really like - such as this one.

Anne said...

Thanks Bernadette. Google reader is a good idea. The problem here is that the whole blog has been deleted. Total disappearance, I am afraid.

Nicole said...

Anne, she deleted her blog back in November. I've sent her an email as have a few other bloggers I know but we've not heard from her. Her second last post was remembering bloggers who have decided to not blog anymore. Then her last post said something implying she might be one of those bloggers. Then she's gone. It's very sad as Walks Far Woman was a beautiful blogger.

Anne said...

Yes, I saw her last posts but then had the dramas with my site. When I went back to catch up it was gone. It is very sad, and I just hope that she is OK.