Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here Comes Valentine's Day.

Christmas is just over and it is time to look ahead to Valentine's Day. Retailers are already promoting their special products. I was reading in the Tonic Gifts Blog that statistics show that all orders are likely to be in by 7 February to allow for the delivery period. If you haven't started your shopping then you had better get a move on!

Girls, if you are looking for a gift for Valentine's Day then have a look at the Boyfriend Training Cards from Tonic Gifts. They are essentials for every woman. Teach your partner how to behave himself properly - how to pass the remote, how to put down the toilet seat and more!

Now if it would only teach him to listen......................................

1 comment:

Tonic said...

I love this gift although my partner did initially query whether I had bought it for him!