Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day!

I love the way Australians have recently started to become really involved in celebrating the nation. We have always been proud of our country but there are so many more community and family celebrations being had on this day than there ever used to be. Flags are flying from homes and cars and people have the Aussie flag painted on their faces. What a wonderful thing it is to see. Even more wonderful is that the patriotism includes and celebrates people of all nationalities who have come to call Australia home. The term 'melting pot' is often used to describe the composition of our community and I think that we are proud of the fact that almost anyone is welcome to be an Australian.

To show the diversity of people, cultures and thinking within the country why not visit some good Aussie blogs. Below is a list of most of the members of the Aussie Bloggers Forum. The list is growing every day so I apologise if I have left anyone out.

Again, happy Australia Day!

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Kim said...

what a lovely post Anne ..
and you really sum up the true blue Aussie Spirit so well... :)
I hope you had a beaut Australia Day :)

Anne said...

Thank you Kim. I had a great day as I hope everyone else did too. I am working my way through the blog list paying visits! I hope others are enjoying the list too.