Saturday, January 12, 2008

15 Ideas for Finding Party Bookings.

Are you a party planner? It is not a smooth path, is it? Sometimes the bookings dry up for no reason, other times you can expect a quiet time such as the period immediately after Christmas.

Here are a few ideas for getting some more bookings into your diary.

1. Ask for them. That’s the first rule and the one we often forget. With every order ask for a booking. You’ll be amazed at who says yes. Don’t forget to ask your hostess too. She may be so happy that she will rebook for later in the year.

2. Always offer your hostess a bonus if she can find a booking for you from outside the party.

3. Deliveries are another opportunity to seek bookings. Again, offer your hostess an incentive to find bookings as she delivers the goods from the party. Once people have them in their hands and can look, smell and feel the product they can be more inclined to make a booking.

4. Use your support network. Friends, family whoever. Set them a challenge to find you bookings. You can offer them an incentive from your range or negotiate to baby-sit, or do the ironing. That works for me!

5. Don’t forget to keep in touch with previous hostesses. Create a VIP club for hostesses who hold 2 or more parties in a year. Arrange a special reward or discount system just for them, but make it worth the effort. It should inspire them to get moving.

6. Yes, it is a good idea to collect contact details from your customers so remember to contact them throughout the year with special hostess-only offers. The best parties often come from your existing customers because they already know and trust you.

7. Invent new ways of partying. No-one wants to sit and listen to a presentation these days so try different themes, and games. Make it such fun that the guests will want to have their own party.

8. Catalogue parties are popular these days, too. Make sure that you present this as an option when seeking parties or you may miss out on a booking. Many working women will love it. How easy is it to take a catalogue to work and collect orders?

9. What about a party on the go? Take the party to the workplace. All you need is a few catalogues, a basket of goodies and permission to call in at lunchtime or tea break. This works really well leading up to Mother’s Day and Christmas when time is short. People are happy to book these as they know it must finish on time.

10. Spread catalogues everywhere from cafes, schools, waiting rooms to railway stations. Make it easy to order by leaving lots of order forms with it.

11. At the beginning of a show tell everyone what the hostess is aiming for. Make sure that to get it she must have at least 2 bookings from the party. These are her friends, and they will book to help her out.

12. What about a fundraiser? You can hold a traditional fundraising show where a percentage of profits go to the entity, or you can offer to make a donation of goods or money to a certain value if they can find 3 bookings from amongst their members.

13. Set up a display at local offices or factories. Have it available for that week only and promote like mad. Every man needs a gift for his woman at some stage. Make it easy for them because most of them are anti-shopping. Work in with the social club – they’re always looking for new things to do.

14. Reward excellent service with the offer of a special treatment or gift. Add a booking incentive, include lots of business cards, and see what happens. Even if you don’t get a booking this time they will remember you for later, or refer their friends to you. Referrals are almost guaranteed bookings.

15. Have a party yourself. You’ll get the sales and pick up bookings at the same time.

Finally, don't forget that many big companies offer super bonuses in the months where sales are likely to have slowed down. They do this in an effort to excite sales and bookings. If you know that there is likely to be a quiet time in your year then plan ahead. Create your own doorbuster specials, or bonus offers.

Now off you go and start gathering those bookings.


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Some great tips Anne. Thanks for sharing them with us :)

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There are some great tips there Anne. Thanks.

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