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The Post Carnival Carnival - Living a Real Life 2

Welcome to the December 26, 2007 edition of living a real life. This is a follow on from the earlier carnival and you can see by the numberof submissions that we have had an amazing response to the topic of "Living a Real Life". Watch out for next months carnival where we look at starting a new life, a theme to match the beginning of the new year.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted to this carnival throughout the year. You have created a wonderful body of work. I would appreciate links back to this canrival from all of you.

Let me introduce you to this weeks posts:

Amanda presents Rose Essential Oil Bath posted at Nature's Bath and Beauty.

The Career Counselor presents Breaking the Cycle of Bitterness and Finding Happiness at Work posted at ask the CareerCounselor, saying, "Personal choice is critical to happiness. Like it or not, the world you create for yourself is a result of your personal choices and attitude. The lens through which you view your situation will determine if you emerge victorious or broken. You can choose to find happiness in your situation or you can choose to drown in negativity and bitterness."

Albert Foong presents Love and Aloneness - Unravelling the ego and pride posted at Urban Monk.

Dan-O presents Have You Benefited from the Revolutionary Magic of Internet Self Help? posted at - Discover. Inspiring . Media, saying, "Highly informative article about how the Web has changed self help and a huge resource of online personal development information."

Personal growth

James D. Brausch presents Does Rice Make You Fat? posted at Weight Loss Dude.

Vladimir presents Why is Pilates good for Internet users and man in particular? posted at Vladimir Prelovac Online.

Warren Wong presents How To Feel Better And Be Happier posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, "Some practical tips you can use now to feel better and be happier."

SJ Yee presents The FAQ Book on Public Speaking posted at Personal Development for the Book Smart.

Stephen Miracle presents When Experts Decide To Listen posted at, saying, "Do you consider yourself an expert? We have a tendency to overlook others thoughts on a subject that we pride ourselves in. But if you listen, you might be surprised whom you can learn from."
Keith presents Baby Number Three posted at, saying, "Having a third baby, changing jobs, moving, dealing with stress"

Yazan Manasrah presents Uncluttering your mind posted at The Blasted Crossing, saying, "Want to find out how to gain the focus and mental energy to accomplish the daily tasks you must do?"

Christine presents Is Homeschooling Right For Your Family? posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France, saying, "One family's experience with homeschooling. When it was right. When it wasn't. The benefits of being educationally proactive in your child's life. Giving your child the best education available to them is not only partaking in living your life to the fullest but also allowing your child to live their life to the fullest by teaching them the value of it."

Lucynda Riley presents The truth about convenience food posted at A Public Diet.

Warren Wong presents How To Wake Up Without An Alarm Clock posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, "Tips on how to wake up without an alarm clock and feel refreshed."

Joshua Seth presents There is Only Now posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, "This article is about gaining self confidence through living in the present moment."

taylorishere presents Don’t Be A Victim: Reframe The Situation. posted at Improv Lifestyle, saying, "The only one who is going to feel better about you is yourself. So, when you’re down and out, reframe your situation!"

Michael Bell presents 10 Ways To Improve Your Life posted at

Dr Martin W. Russell presents What You Need Is Will Power posted at Dr Martin W. Russell.

Todd Goldfarb presents How To Become a Great Salesperson posted at We The Change, saying, "Why developing great sales skills can really help you live to the fullest. These skills are not just for "sales" people, but can actually help you improve almost any area of your life!"

Woody Maxim presents Do you lack focus? posted at Woody Maxim.

Alex Blackwell presents The Two Things We Want Most posted at The Next 45 Years.

David B. Bohl presents 10 Reasons Why Change Fails posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, "Having the desire to change your life and lifestyle, and actually making those changes, are eminently possible. You have it within yourself to accomplish your goals and aspirations. The first obstacles present themselves are when trying to figure out exactly how to change. This is what remains vague, unknown, and indeterminable for many people."

Roger presents Drains and Radiators posted at The Happy and Prosperous Blog, saying, "Which are you ? A drain or a radiator ?"

Carole Fogarty presents The one and only zen gift to give your children. posted at THE HEALTHY LIVING LOUNGE.

Joshua C. Karlin presents An Amazing Story posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas, saying, "I have been reading James’ Brausch’s Internet Business Blog for almost a year. He has an amazing story which he just decided to detail. Basically, 10 years ago he was a homeless drug addict and within 6 years he was a millionaire. But the story is not only about the money..."

Mike Remer presents Celebrating! My Path To Fitness Blog posted at My Path To Fitness Blog, saying, "Yesterday, I enjoyed my first real weight workout in a very long time. Today, I am celebrating the fact that I got up and am not even stiff and sore..."

Peter25 presents Too Much Success in Too Little Time posted at Small Business, saying, "Most of the times in our careers, we’re persevering and hoping to be blessed with greater success. Many a times, we end up putting in great efforts with minimum or no returns."

James D. Brausch presents For Drinkers This Season posted at Weight Loss Dude.

Brandon Harshe presents Goals: Why They Are So Important In Regards To Health posted at The Skinny on January, saying, "I want to go into a little bit more depth about goals in this post, but I’m going to apply it to health. Goals are important. Without goals, we..."

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Possibly Good, Albeit Annoying Advice posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Matthew Paulson presents How I Learned To Stop Being So Greedy and Become a Giver posted at American Consumer News.

Roger presents How To Have A Better Day posted at The Happy and Prosperous Blog.

Alex M presents Now You Can Easily Lead a Healthy Way of Life posted at HealthOwner: Health & Fitness.

ananga presents On Goals & Resolutions: Progress with Kindness posted at Ananga Sivyer's Living by Design Blog.

Mike King presents Passion: Find your passion in life. posted at Mike King's (The Mountain Unicyclist) Blog, saying, "Passion and Leadership"

spiritual growth

James DeLelys presents Look with your Heart! posted at Author James DeLelys.

Lucynda Riley presents Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus) posted at Flower, Field, and Forest.

taking a risk

Edith presents The Last Day of My Life posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Wenchypoo presents The Scam That is Global Warming and How it’s Making People Rich (L-O-N-G) posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

Joshua Seth presents Getting Lost in Istanbul posted at Joshua Seth Blog, saying, "A Voyage to feel the taste of Old Europe through Hippodrome, the site of chariot races in old Constantinople and the Egyptian obelisk."

Steve Pavlina presents Career Transitions posted at Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Travel and Engagement as Good Brain Exercise posted at SharpBrains, saying, "Living life to the fullest? learn about this amazing experience in Namibia"

Value Seeker presents Common Mutual Fund Investing Mistakes posted at Stock Investing, saying, "Many investors make the same mistakes when investing in mutual funds, such as paying loads and other high expense fees."

Chickens in the Road presents The Slanted Little House posted at Suzanne McMinn, saying, "A writer moves to the country with her three suburban children and finds the real meaning of home--and life."

Blaine presents Business venture is starting to take root posted at, saying, "Today marks the launching of a new adventure in my life, my very first call for onsite PC service!"

Dr Martin W. Russell presents Self Help For Sleeping Pills - The Campaign posted at Dr Martin W. Russell, saying, "This is me taking a risk that others will be willing to take a risk on this with me. Let's change the world! (Corney I know, but the goal.)"

David B. Bohl presents Personal Development: Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, "In self growth, when we say you’re comfortable, what we really mean is that you’re not growing. You’re not stretching yourself. You’re satisfied where you are, and not making any real effort to move forward out of that situation."

Kingsley Tagbo presents How To Improve Your Skills And Get A Lucrative Job posted at HOW TO LEARN COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FAST OR GET A JOB EASILY.

Falling Over

Aparna presents Lose weight by reading sensational novels posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, "You chance upon a very interesting, eye-catching and sensational novel. You just can’t resist the desire to flip through its pages. While casually going through it, you get so engrossed in it that you let several hours slip by. Don’t feel too guilty over this occasional indulgence. According to the DailyMail, scientists have claimed that reading a thrilling novel can actually increase your metabolic rate and burn calories helping you to lose weight."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of living a real life using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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