Friday, November 16, 2007

Rose Quartz- it's a beauty!

This is a stunning necklace made of rose quartz, mint quartz, jade and mother of pearl. It is absolutely beautiful with its serene pinks and greens. In fact, it is so lovely that I thought that I would learn more about the stones that it is made of.

The colours of the necklace and especially the rose quartz stone are all associated with the heart. If you believe in chakra balance then the pink and green colours relate to the 4th chakra which resides in the chest and looks after love, emotional balance and compassion. When looking at the meaning associated with rose quartz virtually everything links it with love and relationships.

When I look at the necklace I find it very peaceful as well as beautiful so I can easily see the link between the colour and the emotions.

Avalable from Beauty Banquet (currently being redesigned)


Donna-Marie said...

That is stunning! I'm a big fan of Rose Quartz and have so much of it around my home (along with Moonstone and Peridot). I've never seen Mint Quartz before - that's really pretty too.

Anne said...

Thank you Donna-Marie. I love it too!

Aurora-Leigh (Leighta) Bennett said...

That's gorgeous, Anne. I love rose quartz too. I gave them out as bonboniere for my wedding to coincide with the love / relationships theme.

Michelle said...

It is just beautiful Anne.