Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PND and The Boy in the Suitcase.

Dean Shillingworth was only 2 years old when he was found dead, crammed into a suitcase and tossed into a pond. Dean had been allegedly killed by his mother.

Dean's mother is only 26 years old and had been unable to cope with raising a child. Dean's father is in jail so much of the boys upbringing had been left to his grandmother.

The situation had been bought to the attention of the Department of Community Services but little appears to have been done to help. The mother struggling, unable to cope, appears tp have finally taken the life of her child. Lack of help and support has, in effect, taken two lives.

Interesting, then, that the government is considering the introduction of screening for Post Natal Depression (PND). My concern is that it will be nothing more than the gathering of statistics. The government will be able to state categorically that 2, 3 or 8 of every 10 women suffer from PND. Big deal. What then?

Where is the response to the needs of a PND mother and family? How often will it have to end with the death of a child or a parent of both? What will the government do once they decide that woman X is a likely candidate for PND?

The issue is on the table. It is wonderful that the government have noticed it enough to decide it is worthy of some attention.

Let's put some pressure on them to do more - provide real and valuable help and support for these poor families.

Walk 4PND

Amanda from Real Mums is organising a walk 4PND event and I would like to see every single on of us participate.


*donate to cover costs
*promote the event (especially if you are in Australia)
*join in the walk
*contact Amanda to set up your own walk.
*talk about it!

Where and when?


Sunday 18th November at 10am
Riverside Park
The Boulevarde
ph 04145487103 or email walk@walk4pnd.com.au

This walk is to raise awareness of PND, an issue which has been hidden away in shame, or gone unrecognised for too long.

Being a picnic. walk with your family and strengthen yourself while you strengthen others.


Michelle said...

It is disgusting to think things like that even happen in this day and age.

Anne said...

You are right. To think that we can let a parent get to this stage without providing help is disgusting. How badly are the authorities hampered by rules and regulations that they can't step in?