Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mothers In Business.

Welcome to the first edition of mothers in business carnival. This carnival is all about mothers and how they manage work and family. The articles are written by women or specifically address an issue important to us.

Thank you to all who have submitted their articles for this carnival.


Mommy Auctions presents Work or Home? posted at Mommy Auctions.

Doris Chua presents A Tiring Week posted at A Meeting Place for All Home Office Women.

Fiona Lohrenz presents Tips for Effectively Managing Your Daycare posted at Child Care Only.

Dianne M. Buxton presents Wahm Homeschooling Internet Marketing Course posted at manifestingsuccess, saying, "Article about a homeschoolers' economic course - good for anyone who wants an additional income stream. Real world venue for earning, free and free to share. This will move you forward toward your dreams."

Louise Manning presents Keeping busy posted at The Human Imprint.

Doris Chua presents H.O.W. Feature – Stained Glass by Chu Ling posted at A Meeting Place for All Home Office Women.

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein presents Top 7 Myths About Work At Home Moms posted at Chronicles of a Mompreneur, saying, "From the comments I get from former co-workers, friends, family, and what I read all over the Internet, the world definitely has an inaccurate view of mompreneurs. What is it actually like to be a work at home mom? Here's the Top 7 Myths about Work At Home Moms."

Donna-Marie presents Do school holidays and work-at-home-mums mix? posted at Small Business Diva.

Rodney Burge - Marketing Strategies presents Leader, Know Thyself posted at Diane Bolden - Leadership Training, saying, "Leadership Training Expert Diane Bolden says you already possess within you the most significant core essentials you need in order to be successful. The question is, are you using them? Find out in her article “Leader Know Thyself” at her blog at http://www.keyboard-culture-leadershop-training.com"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of mothers in business carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Elizabeth Potts Weinstein said...

Thanks for including my article in your Carnival!


Anne said...

Thank you for contributing an excellent article, Elizabeth. There is some great reading here, isn't there?

Nicole said...

Great idea for a carnival Anne. :)