Friday, October 19, 2007

Halloween is looming!

In the last couple of years I have noticed that Halloween is becoming a real event here in Australia. There has been a gradually increasing number of scary creatures roaming the streets between the end of school and dinner time.

Just in time for Halloween 2Paupers have launched their ebook called 2 Paupers Guide to Halloween Party Food. Just when you didn't know what to give to Trick or Treaters, or to feed the family on this ghoulish night, here is a book full of ideas.

Why not try this yummy delight:

Dead Fly Cookies
Make up a batch of your favorite cookie dough and then mix through a cup full of chocolate chips. The more chocolate chips the more dead flies!

Sounds good? It gets better! (or worse?)

There are lots of ideas here for meals and snacks so go and have a look. This book is only one in a series of guides called the Making Life Easy series. Why not go and check it out?

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Michelle said...

I spent an amazing Halloween just outside of New York and it is such an event. I put my baby daughter in a princess costume and we went door to door. The houses were decked out in amazing decorations and the costumes from not only the children, but the people who answered the door were so elaborate - I just couldn't believe it!