Thursday, October 11, 2007

Halloween already?

The shops are full of things for Halloween. Face masks, scary lollies and dress ups are springing up everywhere. Halloween is very low key in Australia although it is gaining popularity.

My children don't go trick or treating, but we do tend to create some ghoulish food for dinner that night. In my travels I came across this, which will be perfect for a gross dessert!

It is described as a Science Kit but really it is a jelly mould in the shape of the human brain. How cool would it be to sit down to a dessert of wobbly brains? Simply make your jelly as normal and leave it in the mould to shape. Imagine a flummery? How much more realistic could that be than the clear colours of jelly? The kids would love it! This is available from Cool Things and is only AUD$9.95. Look for it under the science project section!


Jen / domestika said...

Oh, I really really want one of these! I'm thinking, brain-shaped tapioca pudding...

madcow said...

Hehehe, I like that idea - brain-shaped tapioca pudding, pahahahaha

Oooh, you could have a whole recipe book ... brain shaped mashed potato, brain shaped jelly ...

Yeah, ok, so a small recipe book.

Love it, Anne!!!

(and that's just for me - bugger the kids LOL)