Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blog Action Day

Today is blog action day, and it is all about treasuring and protecting planet Earth and our environment. My blog post today is about water - or the lack of it.

Here is Australia, as in many places in the world, we are suffering a chronic water shortage. We are one of the driest places on earth and water has long been an issue, but these days the problem has reached ridiculous levels.

*water theft is common
*neighbourhoods are divided over how to use water
*people with blooming gardens are being picked on
*the country areas of our food bowl have no water at all
*the government is thinking of piping water from our major rivers to our cities
*taking the water from the rivers is giving a death sentence to our country towns, people and farmers, and in the end to our food systems
*we have species of animals and fish becoming extinct.

Why am I blogging about this?

Because it absolutely riles me to see sprinklers going watering grass that will be dead in a few weeks anyway.

Because I hate it when people leave the tap running while they just go and get......... be straight back!

Because I hate it when people leave the tap running while cleaning their teeth.

Because I hate it when the water we have to use isn't recycled

Because I hate the fact that so few people have water tanks

I could keep going but you get the idea.

Just think - every lovely green blade of grass in your lawn means the death of another fish in our waterways, another animal closer to extinction.

Water is seriously scarce here but the government, in their wisdom, eased water restrictions over winter (which bought no rain) so that they can remain popular with the people. They even introduced a whole new stage in the restriction system so that they could put off going to the more severe limits. Why? What are we going to do now that summer is coming and we have had another year with no rainfall? How are they going to dance around the issue now?

Oh, did I hear an election being called?

Watch this space............

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