Friday, September 14, 2007

Twitter -What is it?

I read a post recently on Rainbow Designs Gifts about Twitter. Jacqui was wondering what all the fuss is about Twitter, and I have to admit that I am not using it as I think it should be used. I am a total Twitter beginner but in looking around I have seen many people posting about its uses and benefits so I thought I would list a few here.

1. You can keep up with your friends at any given time of the day.
2. You can join groups with similar interests and develop your networks.
3. You can talk about your business and those people curious enough will come to visit. Who knows, it could lead to $$ for you.
4. You can stream twitter straight to your blog so that it is constantly updating. This is great for your ranking, but it also means that your regular readers will really get to know you.
5. You can send Twitter to your mobile phone and also update it from there. If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, as long as you have mobile access, you can update both Twitter and your blog if necessary.
6. It has an RSS feed so use it!
7. It is instant communication and you can use it like an internet messenger but everyone gets to read it. That means that you can have a virtual conference with your business partners no matter where they are.
8. You can use it for quick updates like mini newsletters. Customers who join in can be updated whenever you have a new product in store.
9. Imagine using it for sales promotions. "For the next 30 minutes we have $$$ off X product". This message goes out to anyone who happens to see it, as well as those who are following you. What a way to open up your markets.
10. Twitter is excellent in a crisis. Messages are out way before the news centres can spread the word.
If you want more to learn more about Twitter head on over to a great post at Slacker Manager which really gives a wonderful summary of how it can be used.

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Cybercelt said...

Twitter. I signed up for it but never really used it. I will have to revisit it now. Thanks for the tips.

Here from BC carnival.