Sunday, September 16, 2007

Once Upon a Time There Was Some Link Love......

The Writing Tree

Have you ever fancied yourself as a writer?

I recently watched a group of children doing a creative writing exercise where each child added a word to the sentence, so it built as it went. The sentences didn't have to make sense, and of course they didn't! Frogs can't really cook Holdens on rooftops, can they?

It made me wonder how we could use the same process, but adding a complete sentence rather than a word, to write a story. Just imagine the possibilities. One opening line could sprout hundreds of new stories. Each story would be written by hundreds of different authors! It would be like a tree trunk with branches and leaves shooting off as it grows.

Would you like to try it? Between us we can create some unique and interesting stories and at the same time build some link love for your blog. Sound like fun?

Here is the way it works.

1. Copy these instructions and the following paragraph into a post on your blog.

2. Read the story so far and add your sentence to it. It must make sense because this will eventually be a real story.

3. Add your blog link to the links listed. Every time a new sentence and blog link is added yours will receive some link love too.

4. The only rule is that no smutty sentences are allowed!

"Telling the Tale.

I really don't remember how we came to be here."

Contributing Authors:

The Tall Poppy

OK? Now it is over to you.

Don't forget to check out some of the links that come into your blog because you will be able to follow the progress of the story. Who knows how many different variations will be created from the sentence you have just added?


Nicole said...

What a great idea Anne. You can see what I've added to the story at

Donna-Marie said...

This could be very interesting :)

I've carried on from madmadmummy and blogged at

Anne said...

Excellent! It is starting! I am keen to see the end results.