Thursday, September 06, 2007

Funk Up Your Day!

New in stock at Funky Soaps are these gorgeous soaps. What great gifts they would make! I especially love the soft serve cones which are all soap - yes, the cone too! The range includes jigsaw soap, soap crayons and even a bar of chocolate soap. Coming soon will be the boxed version which is so true to life that you'd better keep it away from the kids.

Available now at Funky Soaps.


Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Those are really neat, Anne! I just stopped by to say hello! Hope everything is going alright with you-

Have a great day!


A Nice Place In The Sun

Jen / domestika said...

Why is it that I think it would be weird to wash with soap shaped like chocolate, but think the little ice cream cones are cute?!

Anne said...

Hi Ann. Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the visit.

Jen, the chocolates look really decadent don't they? They have a high edibility rating! You know, those ice cream cones are full size. They are the same as a standard soft serve ice cream. They are huge and there is a lot of soap in them! Great value, and really cute to look at too. I am partial to the chocolates, though.

Carolyn said...

Groovy soaps Anne! Do they smell like ice cream and chocolate too??