Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bare your skin, summer is almost here!

Summer is almost here and with it comes the inevitable problem of finding tops that are lightweight, stylish and sleeved. Yes, I said sleeved. Not everyone is comfortable baring their arms or shoulders in the summer, especially women with heavy upper arms.

Over at My New Shiny Shoes Michelle has posted some lovely images of stylish fashions for the spring/summer season but, like most summer gear, they are sleeveless. She prompted me to search for tops that will flatter women with larger arms but still be light enough for summer wear.

The main issue with summer tops for larger women is that they are often ill-fitting. Designers seem to assume that all women with weight issues are the same shape, so tops balloon out over the stomach like maternity gear. Luckily this season the tunic top is still in style so there are a few more items to choose from.

The second issue is that most tops with sleeves seem to be designed as overshirts. They should be worn over a camisole or singlet. Haven't they noticed that summer is hot? Haven't they noticed that bigger women feel the heat quickly?

It isn't easy finding sleeved tops ( to fit the average budget) that have any design interest at all. This is the sort of thing I have found. Both are from Ezibuy

They don't look too bad? Maybe. The first is soft and light. It covers the arms delicately, which is excellent, but it is designed to be worn with a camisole, which comes included. There goes the temperature! The second is fun and easy to wear. It covers the upper arms without making it obvious that there is extra weight there, but look where it is elasticated! Funnily enough, women tend to carry their weight around the hips (whether you are carrying extra kilos or not) so why would you emphasis that part of you?

When buying a summer top with sleeves it is important to note where the sleeve ends. Often they will end mid upper arm which is wonderful for letting the flab flap free as you more your arm in normal use. Very tasteful!

I think it is back to the search for me. There must be something out there so I had better keep looking. When is it winter again?


Karen Wallace said...

Anne, hey, arent you jumping the gun just a little bit here? It's only spring, isn't it?

Or did I sleep in just a little bit too long on the weekend?

Today, it's cardy weather here in Brisbane, but I have to admit - on Saturday it was 31 degrees!

And I so relate, as I get older, and the arm area gets a little saggy (really hard to take for someone who has always had thin arms...) it is so hard to find nice cool tops that cover that extra little wobble under the arm these days, while still keeping our cool.

Designers, please take note! Us REAL women want a sleeve, but still like to be cool. Maybe we should just start our own fashion house.

Good luck with the hunt, Anne, I cannot offer any clues, as even in Brisbane I have yet to find a nice, sleeved top to get me through days when I just have to leave the house in summer. Let me know if your hunt turns up anything great!

Anne said...

Hahaha, OK. Literary licence! I figure that the seasons are different on the other side of the globe so why worry? I have added an 'almost' to the sentence so that should suit us all!

Keep your eyes open for that perfect top. I know there are many of us searching for it. Whether it be flab, scarring or just personal preference, there are lots of reasons that we would like to cover our arms. Time for the new designer movement!

Michelle said...

I will see what else I can find with sleeves for you Anne when I am next scouting about for new fashion ideas.

I am a bit of a cardi girl myself - regardless of the weather so maybe a nice sheer cardigan would help matters.

Anne said...

Thank you Michelle. That would be wonderful.

Nicole said...

I'm one that likes a bit of a sleeve too. Nice choices Anne.