Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When you have too much money to spend.......

Perhaps too much time on your hands? Too many dollars to fit in the purse? There must be a reason for it. Otherwise, why would someone have gone to all the trouble to make it?

This is a fibre optic earwax cleaner valued at $349 from CScout Japan. Seriously! Just think of the untold pleasure of watching the inside of your ear on your own TV.

It can :

"Ear Scope TV can be used inside ears, on scalps, in noses, to check teeth, or anywhere else that needs a clear viewing. Ear Scope TV is also useful for looking inside ANY dark and tight space, such as behind a refrigerator or in cracks."

Grab yours today.


Jen / domestika said...

Never mind earwax, I want one of those little scopes just for playing "Harriet the Spy"! ;)

Anne said...

I hate to think what the kids would do with it! Look out pets.

WalksFarWoman said...

I have Japanese friends and they really are obsessed with their health and with gadgets so why not combine both. :) Goodness know what they think of the west and our strange habits! I'm won't reveal mine!