Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Grapevine Soaps

New to the Funky Soaps store is the wonderful range of Grapevine Soaps from A Piece of Art.
This lovely range is quite unique and beautifully packaged. It is a soap that will suit men and women.

The soaps are made with a unique recipe using wine products such as grape skins, wine lees and grape seeds. The grape vine soaps contain anti-oxidants which rejuvenates skin and grape seeds and skins which promote gentle exfoliation. They are hand crafted using a cold press method. The soap blends contain pure vegetable oils. Olive oil for deep moisturizing and conditioning, Coconut oil for a fluffy lather, Palm and Soya Bean oil to make a hard long lasting bar of natural soap. The scent is soft and delicious.

The soap range includes Cabernet Sauvignon and Eucalyptus, Chardonnay and Lime as well as Shiraz and Vanilla.

Why not visit Funky Soaps to read more about these soaps?


Nicole said...

They sound like they'll definitely compliment your range of soaps. I hope the Soap Goddess is smiling down at you.

Michelle said...

A wonderful range - Anne - well done.