Thursday, August 09, 2007

Do you need a press release?

As a small business owner I have often thought about having a press release done for me and issued to journalists but the cost has been so high that it has been out of my reach. Recently, though, a new business has been launched which has solved my dilemma.

"The Press Hub™ has been designed as an affordable and efficient means for businesses to showcase their Press Releases to the Media and for the Media to be able to access Press Releases in an easy format whenever they are looking for story ideas. "

The Press Hub specialises in working with small businesses who have always missed the publicity boat because of the high fees involved. They have opened up a whole new arena for many of us and all for the price of $97AUD per year. How cheap is that? You can submit as many press releases as you like for the price. What a great deal.

If you are an Australian small business, or a business that is looking to target Australia, then why not drop into The Press Hub and check them out.

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