Monday, July 09, 2007

What tempts you?

If I ask that question I usually here answers like 'money' or 'chocolate'. This is an instant answer with little thought to it. In truth, you can probably get by without the chocolate. Money is a little harder to do without, but would it be the thing that you really strive for above all else? Is it really a temptation?

Let's think a little deeper. What is it that really moves you? What is it that keeps you working each day? What is it that you would beg, borrow or steal if this was your last week on earth? What is it that you would take regardless of the consequences if only you could?

I can't answer the question. I haven't spent enough time really searching inside myself. Perhaps I am scared of what I might find. Perhaps I am allowing daily life to fill all of my waking hours.

If I could answer this question, what would it tell me about myself? How could I use my new understanding to shape my days? I like to think that learning more about myself would help me make decisions about what I will or will not do, and perhaps lead to a more joyful life. People say that knowledge is power but unless you use that knowledge you remain powerless. Would I be strong enough to live according to my new found values or would I coast along from day to day just living, exactly as I had been doing? It takes courage to live according to your real values.

Perhaps it is a good idea to spend time thinking about these 'unanswerable' questions. It may make a huge difference to my life. What do you think?


Rebekah said...

Love your thoughts here! You have been tagged. Join the fun!

Jen / domestika said...

It strikes a true chord when I read your words, "Perhaps I am allowing daily life to fill all of my waking hours." There's a clue there... for both of us, I'm afraid! One of those times to slow down and take stock, perhaps, if that big temptation question doesn't have an answer beyond the flippant "Chocolate!" that so easily pops to mind... but I do still want some chocolate! ;-)