Thursday, July 26, 2007

Motivation -What is it?

I recently read a post at Rainbow Designs all about motivation. Jacqui was talking about how hard it is to stay motivated when working from home. She gave a number of really useful suggestions which definitely help.

The post made me wonder about motivation in general and why we have trouble staying focused on something that we know we have to do. It made me think of this cartoon.

I have a new definition of motivation. Motivation - the energy that moves you when you have no other choice left!


Michelle said...

Haha - where is he when I need him. What a great cartoon!

Patricia Singleton said...

I like your quote. It is often true that when we are finally pushed into a corner, then we "get" motivated because we have no other choice but to act.

Jaycee said...

That's so true. I'm sitting here reading blogs when I should be hanging clothes on the line and doing other domestic duties. Soon I'll have to get motivated because it won't do itself.
Thanks for participating in the All women blogging carnival this week.

Anonymous said...

i love the way you define motivation seems anybody should be thinking that you dont have any choice just to be MOTIVATED, otherwise everything will fe finished!