Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why is it all so complicated?

Have you ever noticed how complicated some people make their writing? There are so many words around the seed of fact that it makes it really hard to find. I sometimes feel that I need a sieve to pass through all the wordage so that I can grasp the kernel buried inside.

Who has the time to read all those longwinded articles? Think of the audience you are missing with your story because they can't spare the amount of time you demand.

I recently read "Who Moved My Cheese" and loved it. Why? I could read it in 30 minutes. The message was clear and the story was fun to read. The message has stayed in my head.

Often, I think that the short articles, books and messages are the best. Verbal decoration is just that - decoration not content. Reach more people with your message. Keep it short and simple.


Michelle said...

I find I get so lost with bureaucratic websites - anything government or tax related seems to easily bamboozle me. It takes a couple of cups of coffee before I can manage to translate them.

Mary Schmidt said...

Well, short is hard. And, people are their own worst editors in any event (we don't want to cut one iota of our brilliance! ;-)

As Mark Twain once wrote to a friend, "My apologies for the long letter. I didn't have time to write short."

Nicole said...

I'm glad you loved the book "Who Moved my Cheese?" It definitely gets the point across without being too wordy. I agree, short is hard but sometimes it's the most effective.

Jen / domestika said...

I'm afraid that's me, long-winded after all these years... and not only can it tire out a reader, "writing long" is not a productive use of time/energy. Working on it!! ;-) Jen

Anne said...

Mary, you are right. It is hard to keep things short. I worry that I have left out something crucial to the article. Jen, I wouldn't call you long-winded at all!

The most important point is to write for your readers, not to show off your skill.