Friday, June 29, 2007

Recommendation: Cardking

Are you in the market for some new business cards? Do you need folders printed?

I recently had some plastic member cards made and for the first time I did my own artwork. That was not necessarily a great decision because layout specifications are written in an alien tongue! Still, I gave it a go. I selected Cardking for my printing purely on the basis of price, but I want to tell you that the service provided by Chen was brilliant. He guided me with my artwork and even corrected some for me, without charge. He was sooo patient!

The cards were delivered to me in record time and they are wonderful. They are excellent quality and I could not find anything similar for the price.

If you need printing done then I recommend that you speak to Chen. Based in Taipei, Cardking deliver worldwide. Email Chen or visit his site for more information.

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