Saturday, June 09, 2007

Need help staying motivated?

I love to read other blogs and lately I have seen a couple of references to new software which helps to keep you motivated.

If you are like me, we become so involved in what we are doing that we forget the time or forget what day it is. We concentrate on the task at hand and forget about all the little resolutions we made the night before. I will stretch every hour. I will have a healthy lunch. I will take a regular break. Hah!
This software, called Motivator, acts as your reminder. It flashes a little message up at times decided by you, so that you won't forget the important things. I have just downloaded it so I will find out how well it works for me over the next week.

Best of all, the software is free! This is a no-cost, can't lose experiment for me. If you need reminding about your resolutions then check this out. Let me know how it works for you.


domestika said...

Great idea - I'm going to have to try this out myself!

Anne said...

I think that the key is to get the words right or it can irritate instead of motivate!

Nicole said...

Look forward to hearing how you go with it Anne.