Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Blogtips

Today I thought that I would tell you about some great blogs that I have discovered in my travels. You might like to pay them a visit because they are really worth reading.

Domestik Goddess is one of my favourite blogs and I visit it often. Jen is a talented writer from Canada. She peppers her blog with interesting bits about her home and life all mixed in with stories of the wonderful finds she has made. She posts daily so there is always something new to look at.

Working at Home Mum has lots of great articles that give you a different slant on the WAHM way of life. The same writer has a number of blogs (she must be flat out keeping up!) but others worth a look include Frugal Delites and Kitchen Delites which have excellent recipes and decorating tips that won't break the budget.

Finally, have a look at Business Opportunities Weblog. When you think you have run out of ideas or your motivation is low, see what other people have done. The blog is full of people with great ideas and inventions, but it is not just an impersonal interview format. It is warm and involving. It also finds the best bits from various journals for our reading.

Next month I will tell you about more of my favourites, but these will keep you busy for a while!


domestika said...

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment and link, Anne! You are always so supportive of other women's efforts - a great example - and I find it's such fun to discover interesting new sites by way of your tips! :-)

Nicole said...

I've just saved the links and over the next week will check them out. Thanks :)