Friday, June 01, 2007

Modern Pearls

I love pearls. They have a stunning lustre that is soft and just invites the touch. I love the old fashioned look of the opera length strand swinging down the body. I love, too, the modern versions of pearl necklace such as those made by Tropical Pearl and available through Beauty Banquet.

Have a look at these.

These modern versions use pearls in combination with glass foil beads and other materials. They use pearls that have been coloured. They use pearls in a non-traditional way.

I can't choose which piece I like best, so I might have to start a collection. All these designs are limited editions and prices start at $35AUD, which is a real steal. Keep watching Beauty Banquet for more pearl pieces to be listed.


Anonymous said...

They're gorgeous - I'd have a hard time choosing but I think my favourite is the top on.

Michellle said...

I love pearls. They are such a classic piece of jewellery. A great selection Anne - well done.

pinkapple said...

Keep em coming Anne!